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Posted by on Jun 4, 2009 in Misc | 1 comment

The Power of Fasting

Text copyright 2009 GRQ, Inc. Before Jesus took his ministry public, he spent 40 days without food and drink. This elongated fast was a time of spiritual preparation for his three years of ministry, healing, teaching, and ultimately his sacrificial death on the cross. Since Old Testament times, fasting has been a method chosen by God’s people to grow closer to God or to walk through a difficult spiritual season. In this chapter, you’ll walk through the spiritual implications and practical considerations for fasting. Note: Please consult with your medical professional before beginning a fast of any length. Children should not fast from food. What Does Fasting Accomplish?Fasting is a physical parable. When you grow hungry or thirsty for physical sustenance, your body is reminding your soul that you should hunger and thirst for spiritual food and water. Fasting is a method of focusing your attention on the God of the universe. Why Should I Fast?You should not fast for the sake of fasting. Fasting in the Bible is...

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