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Posted by on Dec 28, 2007 in Misc | 0 comments

Another Day in the Hospital

Hospitals are as similar as they are different. My beloved bride underwent foot surgery today at Williamson Medical Center. We arrived, Kaye changed, and was rolled away to surgery. I sat down in her day surgery room, grabbed my computer for a little work, and then it hit me. I am in a hospital. Mom spent more than three weeks at Huntsville Hospital. I became familiar with waiting rooms, faces, and nurses’ personalities. I also became familiar with the odors and paint color palette. Many memories returned. Some made me smile. Some made me cringe. All made me thankful for doctors, nurses, LPNs, cleaning crews, orderlies, office personnel, and everyone else who draws their salaries from a hospital. For all the rhetoric about health care, for all the headlines about new research, for all the commercials about pharmaceuticals, we sometimes forget how amazing these people are. If you find yourself in a hospital, look around and count the number of people who are involved in your care. Then thank...

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Posted by on Dec 26, 2007 in Misc | 0 comments

Merry Christmas

Blogger’s Note: It seems every Christmas, I hear an Advent hymn in a new light. Sunday morning, our worship pastor, David Hampton, pulled out a bright red and green highlighter and swiped the marker over this verse from “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” May you find as much comfort and hope in these words as I did. And ye, beneath life’s crushing load,Whose forms are bending low,Who toil along the climbing wayWith painful steps and slow,Look now! for glad and golden hoursCome swiftly on the wing.O rest beside the weary road,And hear the angels sing! Words: Ed­mund H. SearsMusic: Ri­chard S....

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