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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Misc | 2 comments

Three Thoughts on the Tonys Telecast

My middle daughter is crazy about musical theatre. We watched the Tony’s telecast last night and enjoyed every second. [She told me, “Dad, you’re gonna CRY when I get my Tony.” I hope so, Angel Eyes. I hope so.] As we watched, I had three observations about the program.

1. The Tony Awards is the Most Entertaining Awards Show on Television
I was engaged for every moment. Set design, lighting, acting, singing, dancing, surprises, video clips. The program was jam packed and didn’t disappoint. I have only watched the Tony Awards a few times in the past because it’s not relevant to me. I don’t live in New York and haven’t seen the new productions because they haven’t toured yet. Ratings plummeted this year, perhaps for the same reason it hasn’t been relevant to me.

2. Christians are portrayed in Many Ways on Broadway
Jesus Christ, His followers, and some people who think they are following Him were out in force on the awards show which means there are a number of productions talking about things of faith.

I have always been a fan of the music from Jesus Christ Superstar. My older daughter and I debated whether or not the presentation of Jesus’s last days reflects orthodox faith and supports the physical resurrection and ascension of Christ (which we believe).

What’s your thought on Superstar? Do you like the rock opera or not?
Please comment below.

I’ve always been a fan of Godspell and wish that Corbin Bleu’s inner-ear monitors had been attuned better. He struggled to find the key which is odd for this talented young man.

I haven’t not seen Leap of Faith. Is there a redemptive story? Does the shyster come clean and understand faith or does this musical reflect only those who use faith as a cash register?

Several years ago, some investors tried to mount a high-quality production rooted in faith that they hoped would one day make it on Broadway. Their efforts failed.

I would love to see others try so that there are productions that wrestle with genuine Christian faith. No, I’m not talking about Left Behind: The Musical. I love Jerry Jenkins, but I don’t think that would sell out and be nominated for a Tony.

I’d love to see someone pick up the mantle of Dean Jones’ one-man powerhouse of St. John in Exile

What about Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home as a musical? Imagine the fabric of American rock music versus rural Chinese folk music. Two cultures collide as two view of faith collide.

I long for great writers like Ed Lowry to get a break.

What existing Christian works do you think deserve a place on Broadway?
Comment below.

Hugh Jackman is the Man
The more I see from and hear about this man, the more I like him.

  • Happily married
  • Walked through miscarriages with his wife
  • Adoptive father
  • The man can sing and dance
  • His role as Jean Valjean may be his defining work on screen
  • Generous humanitarian

His acceptance speech was brilliant. I’m grateful for his work with World Vision. But, in some ways, this is my favorite video of him. This is an “oldie but goodie,” but his 5- second cameo is amazing. (Note: Kristan, the husband who created this video, passed away in January 2012 after an extended battle with cancer.)

What did you think about the Tony’s?
Did you watch?
Comment below.


  1. Corbin Bleu’s name is spelled like bleu cheese, not the color blue. 🙂

  2. Dad, there is a problem with the comment function. I had to open this link in a new tab in order to see the comment option. Seems like the pop up from your home page, with all the posts listed, is not working with comments. Maybe that’s why no one is commenting. Just thought you might want to look into that. Luv u lots!

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