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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Misc | 1 comment

How Far Would You Go to Make a Delivery Like This?

Imagine a place where 700 gods demand worship.
Every god is angry. Every god must be appeased. You strive for years to satisfy these gods only to receive the smallest spiritual refreshment… the tiniest drop of cosmic water.
How can your soul live on so little? Is there more?
Pastor Madill knew the answer. 
For three years, Pastor Madill rode his bicycle for hundreds of kilometers every week to deliver copies of a banned and illegal book to those who were soul-starved. He stored these books in a small thatch hut behind his house. Every few days, he strapped two small cardboard boxes of these books onto the back of his bike and pedaled off to deliver them to those that could not afford them… Those that needed them the most.

He was delivering Bibles.
He knew that when you hear that there is One God who loves you… One God who sacrificed His son for you … One God who can give everlasting life… Your soul is satisfied… Your thirst is quenched.
That is good news indeed.
One day, radical Hindu marauders attached him.
They beat him unconscious. They shot one of his sons. They slashed his wife with a machete.
Then they set the small storage hut on fire… And threw Pastor Madill inside to die in the flames.
Pastor Madill delivered Bibles in India for Bible League International. He gave his life so that others would live. He gave his life so that others would know that the God of the Bible loved the world so much that He gave His only son, Jesus, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.
The Bible.        

Read it.         
Give it.         
For the next 28 days, you have the opportunity to radically change the lives of men and women in India by sending Bibles through Bible League International. Each Bible only costs $5 to translate, print, box, ship, receive, and deliver to someone who has been longing for a Bible.
How many Bibles can you send? Give Bibles today. 
For a limited time, you can receive a free 28-day devotional. Each day gives you a snapshot of The Word—Jesus. Click here to subscribe. (Subscribe via Twitter, Facebook, RSS, email, or text)
Paul Harvey would have loved this story. Here’s “the rest of the story”
Pastor Madill’s son survived the gunshot wound. Now, he and his brother deliver Bibles. In their father’s name. Help fuel their work.

1 Comment

  1. What a fantastic story. Bible League International has deep roots in many countries. Thanks for sharing!

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