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Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Music | 0 comments

Countdown These Ten Songs to Launch Your New Year

Every news outlet is running its retrospective articles about 2013. Many blogs and commentators are discussing goal-setting and resolution-keeping.  Spotify emailed its new playlist for your New Year’s Eve party.

Photo by Xlard

Photo by Xlard

I’ve spent the last few days preparing for the new year.

  • Personal Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Books to Read
  • Workout Schedule

I want my heart to be prepared for the new year—not just day one, but all of the days. Songs often help me thoughtfully and emotionally engage in a task or new venture. Here are my top ten songs to listen to to prepare for the next 365 days. Link to my Spotify playlist here or watch the YouTube videos below.

10. Only One Life
My favorite version of this Lanny Woolfe-penned song doesn’t exist in digital form. You’d have to own one of 500 cassettes by J. Todd Murray released during the last millennium.  A great songwriter, Todd added a new melody. Here’s the original.

C.T. Studd wrote the original poem from which the song’s lyrics are adapted.

9. One Day More
Les Misérables (the book and the musical) holds a precious place in my life. I see myself in so many characters, including, if I’m honest, Thénardier. This story is a masterpiece of redemption and grace. We all need to hope and fight for “one day more.”

8. Seasons of Love
I’ll never forget sitting in a darkened theatre with my wife watching the previews before the Denzel Washington thriller, Deja Vu. The trailer for Rent filled the screen. I instantly loved the song.

7. I Still Believe
Russ Taff’s version of The Call’s “I Still Believe” came along at an important seam in my life. I was heading off the college, living on my own, meeting people with vastly different beliefs and value systems than mine. My bubble was burst quickly. This song became my anthem, too.

6. Lifesong
Casting Crowns’ prayer is a good reminder as the clock ticks down and starts over again.

5. Auld Lang Syne
My favorite version of this song is the final scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life” but I heard Jimi Hendrix’s version today and smiled big.

4. It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
When I lived in Athens, Georgia, I saw R.E.M. perform a few times. I also heard the legends of the abandoned church where they used to rehearse. I could see the spire of this condemned building from my apartment window. This song just makes me smile because of this.

3. New Year’s Day
This early track from the greatest rock band in history is a haunting reminder of injustices in the world. What started as a love song from Bono to his wife became an anthem for the Polish Solidarity Movement.

2. Growing Young
It’s hard to believe that Rich Mullins hasn’t been with us for 16 years. His music continues to mean much to me. This song includes lyrical snapshots from his life and a glance into his interpretation of the story of the Lost Son.

1. Be Thou My Vision
My favorite hymn is good for every day of the calendar but seems most appropriate here as we rip the final page from this year and look at a year with no pencil marks, no footprints, no splotches or blemishes whatsoever. This arrangement is by Michael Card.

What songs would you add to the list?
Let me know in the comments section below.

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