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Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Running | 0 comments

Dear Vennare Brothers

Dear Vennare brothers, On July 4, 2015, I returned from the pool and looked in the mirror. I was disgusted. All the times I had tried to change my fitness were bogus. Something had to change. By July 4, 2016, I had lost at least 60 pounds and felt like a new man. I’ve lost an additional 20 pounds since then and am training for my sixth endurance race. (I’ve run four marathons and one half-marathon previously.)   I’ve spent my career in broadcasting and publishing. Let’s talk about bringing Fitt Nation to Nashville. We deserve a place alongside Boston, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Chicago. Warmly, W. Mark...

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2007 in Running | 0 comments

Why Tiger Isn’t an Accountant

Have you ever tried to figure out the difference between gifts, talents, and abilities? The three are so closely related. We take inventories on spiritual gifts, strengths (like StrengthsFinder), aptitude tests, personalities, and more hoping for an objective voice to tell us what we should do with our lives. I’ve struggled with this, especially these days as I try to transition into a self-employed mode. And a friend sent me a great reminder through new information (below) about Tiger Woods. I once heard that gifts, talents, and abilities are three facets of the same diamond. Gifts God has given me and you certain gifts. They came in our DNA. By adulthood we’re supposed to have discovered our gifts. Gifts include personality, our relational style, beautiful singing voice, quick twitch muscle fibers, height, metabolism, and our talents. We can’t change most of our gifts. But many of them can be affected by practice or discipline–like our talents. Talents If you were born with a singing voice–your instrument–you might be a...

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