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Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Music | 0 comments

Countdown These Ten Songs to Launch Your New Year

Every news outlet is running its retrospective articles about 2013. Many blogs and commentators are discussing goal-setting and resolution-keeping.  Spotify emailed its new playlist for your New Year’s Eve party. I’ve spent the last few days preparing for the new year. Personal Goals Business Goals Books to Read Workout Schedule I want my heart to be prepared for the new year—not just day one, but all of the days. Songs often help me thoughtfully and emotionally engage in a task or new venture. Here are my top ten songs to listen to to prepare for the next 365 days. Link to my Spotify playlist here or watch the YouTube videos below. 10. Only One Life My favorite version of this Lanny Woolfe-penned song doesn’t exist in digital form. You’d have to own one of 500 cassettes by J. Todd Murray released during the last millennium.  A great songwriter, Todd added a new melody. Here’s the original. C.T. Studd wrote the original poem from which the song’s lyrics are adapted....

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