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Posted by on Jan 16, 2009 in Misc | 1 comment

When the World has Fallen Out from under Me…

There’s a song that’s haunted my waking moments on more than one occasion. The ethereal female voice and simple low piano chords enchant me. But when I hear the song on the radio, road noise and the noise in my mind prevent me from hearing more than the essence of the song. While the essence has moved me many times, listening to the song today with the lyrics in front of me encourages and lifts me. I encourage you to download the song here. Lyrics alone can never communicate the entire majesty of a song. Her video is amazing. (See window at bottom of blog post) ShadowfeetWords and Music by Brooke FraserProtected by copyright. Copyright holder unknown Walking, stumblingOn these shadowfeetToward home, a land that I’ve never seen I am changingLess and less asleepMade of different stuff than when I began And I have sensed it all alongFast approaching is the day [Chorus]When the world has fallen out from under meI’ll be found in you, still standin’When the sky...

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