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Posted by on Oct 21, 2008 in Misc | 1 comment

A Chemist and God

Science: Henry Schaefer sees a natural nexus between faith and scienceS. Joshua Swamidass and Shoba Spencer Blogger’s Note: I knew Dr. Schaefer while I attended UGA. He and his family attended the same church I did. I sat in on his Sunday school class occasionally. I admired him greatly. He and his wife had a personal ministry to expectant women who had nowhere else to turn. He is as genuine as he is brilliant. I hope you enjoy this article. Which sounds more interesting: a technical talk on “Lesions in DNA Subunits” or one on “The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking and God”? Henry Schaefer, 64, a long-time University of Georgia professor and a pioneer in theoretical chemistry—he’s in the top 10 of all researchers cited in recent years in chemistry publications—gives both. But when organizers of Techfest 2008 asked him to speak at their major technology conference in Mumbai, India, they wanted the Big Bang speech, which Schaefer was happy to give. People in every land want to hear...

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Posted by on Oct 16, 2008 in Misc | 1 comment

Kristin Pass is Crowned Homecoming Queen. Why is there Controversy?

Mindy Belz at World Magazine highlighted a great story from the Dallas metro area. 18-year-old Kristin Pass was crowned homecoming queen to the shouts and joys of a surprised crowd. Kristin has Down syndrome. Many in the stadium, at the school, and in the blogosphere are questioning her win. Is it prank, political correctness, or a young woman overcoming obstacles? When I first read the summary on the blog, I flashed back to my high school experience when a mentally-challenged student was promoted through the football support ranks to “senior manager” or some title of that ilk. All of the whispers and snickers in the lunch room and locker room told me that the promotion wasn’t genuine, but more akin to “vote for the worst” on American Idol or the mean trick played in the movie “Never Been Kissed.” Reading the article and the array of quotes gives me hope that Kristin Pass is more like my friend with cerebral palsy or Chris Burke from the TV show “Life...

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Posted by on Oct 15, 2008 in Misc | 0 comments

Tommy Bowden out at Clemson. Can Christian Coaches Win?

Sports news outlets are reporting that Tommy Bowden, head coach of Clemson, has stepped down. A blogger I read asked, “Can Christian Coaches Cut It?” I immediately thought of my dad. A coach who followed Christ and definitely cut it. I wrote these thoughts on the blog: My father finished his junior college basketball coaching career with a .750+ winning average. He was a generous man to his players in a world where scholarship dollars aren’t available. As I watched him, I observed something very powerful. Players perform out of fear or out of vision. The players under my dad knew what was at stake and worked hard. He had an uncanny way of motivating them to see the big picture and perform. Other coaches seem to motivate out of fear. They get players to perform because something bad will happen if they don’t. They may work hard on the field or court, but there won’t be much of a team. I believe a coach who follows Christ and...

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